Thursday, October 8, 2009

Quick sketches from the West

Desert images

I still do some car sketching, but only when Joseph's driving! This is in the desert somewhere between Henderson, Nevada, and LA...I love crows, and I always know I can count on them congregating at rest stops in the desert, where people = food! They're quite bold...Corvidae are normally fairly cautious, since humans seem not to appreciate them properly, but these guys are SO over it! Regular western outlaws...

So of course I used my Pentel Pocketbrush to catch those bold black shapes!

Check the Cornell Lab of Ornithology for more on crows...including a recording of their distinctive voices.


  1. Love the vastness you captured and your choice of paper color. I too love crows. Great posture on the left crow. Gonna have to get me a Pentel pocket brush :)

  2. Wonderful crows in a wonderful landscape!

  3. As much as I like the paper, I can't say the same for crows. Several years ago we had a robins nest outside our bedroom window. I heard the squaking a few times and was able to chase the crows away. The next morning they returned before dawn and killed the babies. I can still see their silhouettes flapping outside the drapes.

  4. That would be upsetting...but it's what they do, whether we like it or not. I wouldn't want to see it either!

  5. Here on Long Island, there a newspaper photo of a hawk carrying a hopefully already dead squirrel. That wasn't something you wanted to see while you were having breakfast.


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