Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pappa Goose - Maree Clarkson

“It’s amazing how loose some people become in their sketchbook drawing simply because they have a carefree approach and don’t become locked down in trying to make finished works.”

- Robert Wade

IN MEMORIAM - 1991 - 2009

"Pappa Goose" A sketch in my Daily Journal
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"Pappa Goose" watercolour in Visual 140gsm sketch book - 05/09/2009

Pappa Goose, an Egyptian Goose, was brought to me to take care of him in 1991 - don't know how old he was - he had one gammy foot as a result of fishing gut being entangled around his leg and severing the tendons and nerves, causing his foot to pull backwards. I was lucky to have the pleasure of his presence in my life for 18 years when, finally on the 5th September 2009, I had to have him euthanized because his legs were riddled with arthritis and he could hardly stand up anymore. If there is a Goose Heaven, I'm sure that's where he is now.


  1. How wonderful that you could take care of him and watch him and his Mrs. for the years they were together. I think, for a goose, he had a very good, very long life, thanks to you. And the sketches/watercolors are well done.

  2. Wonderful story, Maree, and your painting is wonderful as well...


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