Saturday, October 10, 2009

Morning Sunrise Through My Trees - Lin Frye

Yesterday morning was one of those rare ones that had a quiet, slow start, the day breaking from ink black night into a rich profusion of sun-drenched, autumn color.

I spent more time than intended on the Internet yesterday morning, just looking and dreaming, and as the sun rose over my woodland trees, the light poured into my office window, and, still clad in nightwear, I just HAD to grab the camera to try to capture the light.

In slippers and robe, I walked the damp grass trying to capture the brilliant yellow, deep greens, the backlit trunks of trees and the bits of red just making their color change in our vegetation. The air was still a bit cool, but so fresh and so clean that it was sheer elixir! As I snapped photo after photo in those fleeting minutes, John Denver's Song "In the Grand Way" came to me .... especially this:

"Burning sundown, colored autumn trees
Mountain rivers, country livers put my mind at ease
And to realize such perfect harmonies
I'm standin in the dawn
Of a new day comin' on
And I'm looking for no tomorrow ...."

And I realized again, just WHY I love the morning .....

Lin Frye
North Carolina


  1. Hi Lyn, you certainly did manage to capture the colours beautifully in your painting. Well done. Regards,


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