Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lively October--Vickie Henderson

October is so lively, so full of change and energy. Weather is changing. Leaves are changing. And almost daily, new migrants are visiting the trees in my yard. I can't keep up with them all. I want to paint each and every one of them.I love the chance to meet a new bird, read about where it nests, see where it travels, where it will spend its winter. I marvel when we have a chance meeting, that the wonderful oak tree in the front yard provides rest and foraging along his journey.

This is my sketch of one of these birds, the Magnolia Warbler (probably a male) created in my new Brenda Books sketching journal. It's a beautiful new journal with real rag watercolor paper. I'm finding it intially a bit intimidating--so brand new and inviting. You know, the feeling. You don't want to mess it up.
But that's watercolor and journaling. You plunge in. You make a mess. And altogether, it doesn't turn out so badly. And on top of that you have this wonderfully intimate experience, with a bird, with its lifestyle, with the magic of October.

This is the second page of my new sketchbook. The first can be found here. You will also enjoy reading about my first encounter with warblers. Nature has a way of healing and keeping you nurtured along life's journey.


  1. Vicki you posts are always so beautiful! I love this one, its just lovely. You should have done it to frame! I can relate to the new sketchbook, every time I start a new one I am intimidated by those white pages. Nice to know its not just me!

  2. So beautiful, Vickie!! Your new journal is off to a glorious start. This page resonates with peace and so captures the mood of fall.

  3. Thank you, Desiree. I may try another one on a sheet with more detail in the bird. That tentativeness we've mentioned, for me, comes from the idea of it being a "book"! Not just a sheet of paper you can toss if you mess up. (Old schooling, I think.) I know that will pass as I continue, but I surely noticed the feeling.

    Thank you,Pam. I loved playing with the colors in these leaves, which is how fall feels to me, full of movement. But there is also that peaceful sense of how it all fits together, a solid oak, with its changing leaves, providing shelter and foraging for a tiny bird along its journey.

  4. This is really lovely! I love this time of year too.



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