Monday, October 26, 2009

The Last Persimmon -- Watercolor: Judy Butler

Fall is upon us. The nights have turned cold with the first frost only days a way. The leaves are begining to fall and the persistent breeze shifts the leaves into swirling piles all over the yard. In the far back end of the yard are two very fickle persimmon trees, some years bearing fruit and others not a peep. This year there were a few lovely bright orange fruit that ripened just in time for the orange theme of Halloween. The Persimmon tree's leaves just shrivel up and do not turn bright colors. The hanging orange bobbles shine bright against the dark burnt umber green of their leaves.

Lewis went out and picked the LAST PERSIMMON thinking I might like to draw it. I thought that was a fine idea. I did this quick sketch trying to capture the shriveled leaves and the bright color of the fruit.


  1. Beautiful Autumn colours Judy - I'm currently mad about orange!

  2. I just love these autumn colours and I love persimmons too. Your description of the leaves on the ground is wonderful.

  3. This is lovely,'ve inspired me to go out and look for the wild ones! They should be ripe here, too...

  4. Thanks everyone. All the leaves are just about off the persimmon trees but the sassafras around it are just spectacular.


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