Monday, September 28, 2009

Vacation Posts - Laura Gillis

Well, I am back from the oddest vacation ever.... things were crazy before I left so I haven't posted in a couple of weeks so this is kind of a long post for me.

Our plans were to go to Mueller State Park in Colorado (west of Colorado Springs) for a little cooler weather and some hiking and relaxing... we got quite a bit more than we bargained for.

We got to the park on Sunday and the weather was fabulous so we got set up and got our chairs out to relax and then a dark cloud rolled over us. Then another and then another which dropped sleet on us. After the sleet, came the rain and snow.... for three more days! The bad part was that we didn't get to go on any hikes but I did get a few sketches done from the window of the pop-up trailer.

On Monday we found out that my Grandmother had passed away. This was very sudden and quite a shock. (I still can't believe it a week later.) The funeral was scheduled for Friday in Louisburg, Kansas.

Louisburg is 4 miles from the Missouri border and a long, long way from where we were, so we broke camp with the snow still falling on Wednesday and started on down the road.

Whoever it was that said Kansas was flat has never driven across the state on I-70! Kansas is really a beautiful place. The state flower is the Sunflower and there were fields of them drying and almost ready for harvest. A field of those giant sunflowers is really a sight to behold.

Thankfully, the weather cleared up and everything was beautiful for the services for my Grandmother on Friday. I will really miss my her... she was a little 96 year old ball of fire... She loved my bug sketches and she was known to whack bugs with her cane to stun them and save them for me to paint into my journal. Quite the woman.....
The first three sketches were in my nature journal with the Hemp paper with ink & watercolor wash. The sunflower sketch was done in a generic journal with a Pilot ink pen. I like to have a bigger journal with cheap paper to sketch in while we are going down the road. It is the only way I can seem to stay awake! (Don't worry, I am not driving!)


  1. Beautiful sketches, Laura, glad you're back! (I added your name to the subject line...)

  2. Lovely sketches.. living near Louisburg, it's hard to imagine that snow.
    My condolences on losing your grandmother - she sounds a remarkable woman.


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