Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sunset Through the Needles - Lin Frye

Sunset Through the Needles
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I am always amazed at the clarity, diversity and magesty of the skies in North Carolina this time of year. It seems that the humidity, so dense most of the summer, is lessened, and that famed 'Carolina Blue' coats the overhead dome. Clouds seems to be whiter and more varied in their shapes, and the sunsets! My gracious --- incredible.

This is the view C and I found this weekend when we walked to the top of our road. Our typical walks begin AFTER the evening news, as this one did, but we soon realized as we had to RUN to catch the last of the sun's glimmers, that the time was fast changing, and if we WANTED to see the sun set, we would have to take our walk BEFORE the news ended. Ah, the sacrifices! LOL

There was an orange/yellow glow to the sky, and it glinted off the pine needles we stood under to gaze at the setting sun across the rural road and behind the banks of trees. I LOVED that GLOW!

This morning as I'm typing, it's deepLY dark outdoors. Spots of deeper dark in the sky look like potential rain clouds - rain we truly need. Through my office window, I try to catch the sunRISE as the sun makes its way over the treeline and greenhouses. I have about an hour before I might catch it .....but those sunrises and sunsets seem to start and end the day just right.

Have a great day!

Lin Frye
North Carolina


  1. This is just stunning, Lin! The colors are amazing...

  2. What a wonderful golden glow! Beautiful rendering!

  3. Lovely composition! I can almost feel the sunset.

  4. amazing- the colour and the detail of the closeu pine and the distant sunset - It looks like a photo, but with so much more atmosphere


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