Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Party Girls - Jeanette Sclar

The Party Girl

Physalis longifolia or long-leaf ground cherry tries hard to live up to the partying standards set by some of her cousins. There's the Chinese Lantern (P. Alkefengi) I'm sure you've seen it, bright orange dangling lamps looking truly party-worthy. And you might have eaten a cape gooseberry (P. Peruviana) in a fancy restaurant. They have a nice tangy pineapplish flavor and can be eaten raw. But don't try that with Longifolia - she must be cooked before eating! And I know you've partied with tomatillo (P. Philadelphica) salsa and margharitas.
But poor Longifolia, try as she does, just doesn't make the A list when it comes to parties. In fact she's gotten herself on the Global Compendium of Weeds! And is considered "noxious" by many, so don't invite her to the party. You might find your guest has become a permanent member of the household.

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  1. This is still one of my favorites of the wildflwers you've done!


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