Sunday, September 27, 2009

Heading South - Teri Casper

The geese announcing
(I heard the sounds above me)
We are headed south

And so are we.

I saw this scene one morning and it seemed so appropriate to announce our trip to Arizona for the winter.


  1. Beautiful, it conveys the mood very well

  2. Love hearing goose song - even better in the spring :) Safe travels.

  3. We'll look forward to your Southwestern sketches, Teri! I've had a request for more art and blog entries from that area, and I told them you'd be doing just that!

  4. Beautiful word painting, Teri, and a lovely watercolor. Hearing the geese annouce their departure was always a little poignant for me.

  5. Thanks everyone. Now that I am here the inspiration is almost overwhelming! lol I feel like I should be painting every minute to capture it all! I am settled in and will be walking around with my sketchbook soon.


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