Friday, September 4, 2009

Giglio Island - Barbara Bacci

I love islands and the Mediterranean sea is full of little gems to discover. A few days ago I had the opportunity to visit some friends over at Giglio Island, just off the Tuscan Archipelago. I took the ferry in Santo Stefano and spent the hour trip studying the map of the island.
The campsite is arranged in terraces, in the shade of numerous trees, and has access to the beaches made of rocky boulders. The most common bird at the camp turned out to be the Eurasian collared dove, an interesting species which has colonized both America and Eurasia.
In the morning, we went diving and encountered a beautiful nudibranch, a Hypselodoris valenciennesi, plenty of moray eels, a very nervous conger eel, spirographs, colourful sponges, and much more.
To sketch the beautiful XVI century tower in the small village of Campese I sat in the shade, under the rocks, and listened to the scratchy song of the Sardinian warbler. In all, a magical three days vacation!

Barbara Bacci,


  1. These sketches and the narrative have conjured beautiful images and sounds in my mind. We have collared doves here in my little town in the middle of the States. They arrived here about 5 years ago. I love to hear their voice.

  2. Barbara, your words and images make it sound magical indeed! I love all of the different perspectives - I can almost smell the salty air!

  3. Looks like an absolutely wonderful vacation, Barbara--time out of time...

  4. Lovely post, beautiful sketches. Thanks for sharing this view of what looks like a beautiful Mediterranean island!

  5. I am glad you enjoyed the island. There's so much to discover in these places


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