Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dragonfly & weevil - Laura Gillis

I have a couple of bugs today... a Twelve Spotted Skimmer dragonfly and a Boll Weevil. The boll weevil is pretty surprising since they started the Boll Weevil Eradication Project in our area a few years ago and we're not supposed to have those any more. We don't have any cotton fields very close to us so I am not sure how it got to our house. I was in cotton country on the weekend and maybe it hitched a ride in my car or something like that... who knows?

I really don't think the BW Eradication Project is a good thing. When they spray to eradicate the weevils, what other beneficial insects are they killing at the same time? Will we wake up in 50 years and have to start re-introducing weevils like we have had to do with the wolves? Okay, that might be an extreme example but I do fear that we are killing off other insects that have benefits that we don't know about yet. But, they are probably working on another new chemical to spray that will make up for the unknown... (sorry, didn't mean to get on my soap box!)

It's a tough argument when you live in a family of cotton farmers but maybe they will be out farming and not reading my blog. ha!

Ink & Watercolor in the Moleskine Watercolor Journal


  1. Lovely details! And I appreciate the weevil since I planted colored heirloom cotton seeds this year and must guard against those weevils - not to worry - I'm organic and will pick them off and squash them in spite of my yoga training, which is obviously incomplete since I still squash The Enemies of My Garden... :-)

  2. So delicate and airy .. thank you for sharing, and glad you're back to posting!

  3. lovely - I like the way they walk across the page...

  4. You always find the greatest insects to sketch! These are fabulous.


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