Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Coreopsis - Cathy Johnson

We headed off to Parkville on Saturday to take advantage of the gorgeous day (and yep, I did put the wrong date on this!)--the field near the tiny town of Mosby was golden with flowers! Joseph stopped the truck and got out to pick one for me to study more closely...

This is the flower my mom used to call Tickseed Coreopsis, but it's not quite like the Coreopsis lanceolata, the petals don't have that serrated leading edge. I can't find one that's exactly like, but I think it's clocer to Coreopsis palmata, according to one of my favorite online flower finders, the Missouri Flora webpage. Neither ONE of these should be blooming still in late August and September, according to Missouri Flora, but then it's been a very strange, cool, damp year...

If anyone has a better I.D., please let me know!

I like the effect of watercolor and ink on this page...and of course yellows are as difficult to capture as ever!


  1. Just love this sketch Cathy. And love all the little notations.

  2. Love your combination of the landscape and flower details! I think this is Biden polyepsis - tickseed sunflower. See if this is it:


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