Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Blue Mountains, Australia - Alissa Duke

I went to the Blue Mountains for the weekend. I caught the train for the 100km journey from Sydney. The Blue Mountains is an area about 250 000 hectares that rises up to 1000 meters. Sydney, of course, is on the harbour, so the change is scenery is dramatic. There are towns and villages dotted along the way and the surrounding bush is made up of sandstone cliffs, rainforest, eucalypt forest and heath. Some of it is World Heritage listed. There is breathtaking scenery, plants, wildlife, waterfalls .

They are called the Blue Mountains because of the blue haze from the oil of the eucalyptus trees.
I spent 24 hours of gentle walks and exploring. I went there specifically to draw and was so happy with what I produced. I also did some non-nature sketches and they are all on my flickr site.

I also had time to just sit and draw flora and fauna in the sunshine.


  1. What a wonderful collection of sketches! Is wildfire as much a problem in that area as it is in California? I'm thinking of the eucalyptus trees.

  2. Yes, the bushfires (not called wildfire here)are a problem. It is coming up to summer and people who live in the mountains will have cleared loose wood from around their house and have bushfire emergency plans in place. I believe that the the last time this area was seriously threatened was about three years ago.


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