Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wild Mushrooms--Teri Casper

My husband is so funny. When he sees something that thinks needs sketching, he always calls it to my attention.These are mushrooms growing on a tree stump near the house.A tree stump with lichen growing on it usually means mushrooms are not far behind. This particular mushrooms is a 'baddie' as he says and he does know a few eatable ones that also grow near here.
Warning: never ever eat wild mushrooms unless you know it is absolutely safe.

This is the same mushroom a week later done with watercolor pencil on non-watercolor paper.
The bigger mushroom has completely covered the small one and is at least twice the size of the first sketch.


  1. I like seeing mushroom pictures! It means my favourite season is a-coming!

  2. Beautiful job, Teri! I love to paint mushrooms, too...and hooray for your husband, he sounds like a prize.

  3. I love seeing and painting mushrooms, too, they can be fascinating. Lovely textures you have there!


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