Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Meet Stubby The Squirrel

We have a grey squirrel that is a daily visitor under our bird feeders.
Despite the fact that he hops around like a bunny, he is a squirrel.
Despite the fact that he has a tail like a bunny, he is a squirrel.
What? he has a tail like a bunny? How is that possible? I've never seen a squirrel without a long bushy tail.
Until this one became our daily visitor.
We call him Stubby, for obvious reasons.
Even funnier, DH and I always announce to each other that, "Stubby is here!"
I did these sketches while he moved around and when he turned his back I quickly sketched his taillessness.


  1. Awww...I love quick sketches like these, Teri! What a terrific job...

  2. When I was in university, there was a tailless squirrel living near my dorm that we affectionately referred to as 'Squnny'. He was so unsquirrellike without that tail to balance him out!

  3. It is strange to see a squirrel without a tail. I imagine they adapt to their balance issues.
    Great sketches.

  4. Lovely sketches! Too bad about Stubby's tail, but it's neat that you can easily tell that it's the same squirrel visiting.


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