Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rainbow Lorikeet in the park

This Rainbow Lorikeet was busily feeding on a banksia flower in the garden of a local park on Saturday. There were a few on the branches and they allowed us to get quite close without flying away. They are very sociable birds that live in the suburbs.

I had previously drawn a Rainbow Lorikeet at the Australian Museum, so it was nice to draw a live one living locally, even if it was from a photograph taken on the spot.



  1. How lovely--you captured the vibrant colors so well, too.

  2. Beautiful birds, Alissa! You really captured their color and softness.

  3. Thanks for this posting Alissa...wonderful art and the color just captures me.

  4. They must give such a festive air to the park with all those tropical colours.
    Lovely sketch.


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