Thursday, August 6, 2009

Morning Light

Morning Light
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Daily Practice

This is practice piece (inspired by a photo and enhanced by memory and morning observation) represents the light through our summer foggy mornings -- the sun is breaking through the clouds and coming over the woodlands, grasses and weeds are covering the fields, and there is an indistinction among the individual trees forming the backdrop. Fog is lifting slowly, and though it's cool, there's a sense of the heat to come later in the day ... it's a summer morning in North Carolina.

We've had more rain yesterday, and this morning, the fog is denser. Puddles are everywhere, trees and rooflines drip excess water. More rain is expected, but the plants seem happy with their dryness quenched ...

I make my way through the day's obligations, a few less meetings, a bit more time to find my desk among the papers. Students return next week to register for classes, and the season turns .....

Lin Frye
North Carolina


  1. Yes - I can feel that foreshadowing of intense summer light breaking through those lovely fog-shrouded trees. Wonderful descriptions in both words and paint!

  2. Beautiful painting...the distant trees look all foggy and watery with light.

  3. Wonderful image -- I can just sense the fog lifting.


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