Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Long-horned Grasshopper

Things are still really crazy around here but I did make time for this big honkin' bug. I think it is a long-horned Grasshopper but I am not totally sure about that. I do know that she (or he) is really big! I don't know if the "long-horned" refers to the back with the sword-like ovipositor or the front and the very long fine antennae. Either way, both are long. She had no wings that I could see. I found her in a bar ditch in some tall grass. Oh, and these things can bite surprisingly hard! Who knew art could be so dangerous? ha!

Ink & watercolor in the Moleskine watercolor journal.


  1. So beautifully done, I almost jumped when I scrolled down and saw this 'bug'.

  2. Wow, Laura, I can almost feel that grasshopper nipping my skin, just looking at it! Exquisite detail, and I love the way the shadows fall.

  3. The shadows really make this handsome guy pop off the page! Excellent!

  4. Beautiful sketch, just love it.


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