Thursday, August 13, 2009


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Daily Practice

I arrived at the B&B last night pretty tuckered out after three days of registration and upteen meetings -- and there to greet me, two BOXES of freshly picked figs! Being the ol' softie that I am, I burst into tears ... geez! LOL Of course I had to eat a few -- sweet as summer rain --- and so I sketched a few of them for a card to thank Rebecca (the owner of the B&B where I stay during the week) for picking them for me. My weekend work is cut out -- fig preserves, fig jam, dried figs, and I'm wondering if I can get C to WRITE down his recipe for Portabello Mushrooms and figs? If I can, I'll share it here.

Though I have several small fig bushes on my property, the drought has made the fruit a bit smaller than normal, but these, I'm suspecting they're Brown Turkey (a larger variety than the English I have), were rich and ripe. They grew 90 miles south of where mine are growing - almost a half-zone difference. It only goes to show the importance of those 'planting zones' when one is planting a garden and expecting a harvest! I won't see my Brown Turkey figs this ripe until the end of the month!

Better go hunting for some canning jars!

Lin Frye
North Carolina


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