Monday, August 31, 2009

Fall's Comin' - Lin Frye

Fall's Comin'
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Daily Practice

This image was painted from a photo reference I've had for a long time. The photo shows roses in bloom on a summer's day, and I've altered the painting for fall light and colors, and the goldenrods and grasses which are now blooming along the roads' edges.

We took a short drive around the countryside yesterday, looking at how the season has begun to change more of the landscape. Here and there spots of tree leaf color - scarlet, orange, pure gold -- surprised us among the dimming greens and yellows of the trees. Our temps yesterday were in the 80s; today, we're supposed to have rain and only reach 70F .... I would imagine that many of the trees will begin changing colors in earnest after a few days of cooler temperatures and the rain we've been waiting for.

Another busy week ahead, hopefully more evenly dispersed among the hours ....

Have a good week!

Lin Frye
North Carolina

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