Friday, August 21, 2009

Coral Tree (Erythrina)--Nina Khashchina

I spent a wonderful morning sketching this unusual building with a very colorful, "shapy" tree - from a distance.
Coral Tree (Erythrina) - view from the corner
When I finished everything I planned to and thought that it was a perfect moment to get some lunch and celebrate last page of a sketchbook, I walked under the tree and saw these flowers....
Coral Tree (Erythrina) - detail
Needless to say that lunch had to wait as I tried to capture as much as possible about this wonder!
Sketching in Palo Alto
I think it's a Coral Tree (Erythrina) - and here is a link why:

Scroll to the image of flowers - I think my tree is D.
what do you think?


  1. What a nice way to spend a morning. Drawing can be very distracting. The flower study is lovely and I clicked through to the link and they do appear to look very similar to the Coral Tree.

  2. Great pages. Love how you highlighted the tree. What a bonus for you last page! Beautiful!

  3. How neat! We've had several different coral trees on the blog--yours is stunning, Nina. No wonder lunch had to wait!

  4. The tree is like a living sculpture you captured it beautiufuly. I like to see people's sketching tools. So interesting.


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