Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bald-faced Hornet ( Wasp)

If there was a wasp that I could get along with, it would be this wasp. It does not take offense if I come too close, rooting in the fig tree. It does not get all cranky if I kneel practically on its head while it feeds on some fallen fig. It does not fly into the kitchen and then run repeatedly into the window, getting all huffy when I try to shoo it out. No. This wasp is a reliable fellow. A well-bred wasp. A wasp with cufflinks for all love. One knows where one is with such a wasp.
( I'll let you know when the inevitable sting happens.)


  1. Great post my friend....all these posts of late are excellent. I am jealous of your talents.

  2. Well, he is certainly a far cry from the ones that keep trying to move into my garden! I can't tell you how agressive they are! I have been stung when strictly minding my own business a mere 10 feet from a nest....in fact, that's inevitably how I know there is a nest: I get stung and then I go hunting!
    You have made a lovely portrait of a deserving wasp!

  3. Fantastic post. It's good to be reminded that all wasps are not nasty!

  4. Thanks folks.
    -Jeanette, perhaps my wasps are so into the figs they don't care a 'fig' for me...oh hahahahha


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