Thursday, July 16, 2009

We've grown!

Sketching in Nature came online April 10--you can see the first post by clicking on the title, above--and I'm delighted with how far we've come, as well as with the quality of posts here!

I put an invisible counter on the site at the end of May (I know, wish I'd done it from the first!) and I can tell you we've had nearly 16,000 hits in that time--and nearly 5,000 so far THIS MONTH.

We have 37 correspondents, now, some of whom haven't had a chance to post yet, and some who are regulars--delighted to hear from ALL of you.

We have a sister site on Flickr, which has been around quite a bit longer than the blog--we have 168 members there, and counting. (You're welcome to join, if you're not a member already!) It's HERE--and now in our sidebar, so you can click on the image any time and get to Flickr!

We have a new slide show on the blog, here (scroll to the bottom), to feature our Flickr group artists. (In fact that's where I've found many of our correspondents!)

We even have a Facebook group, here, with 96 members...

I enjoy the "world tour" of nature here, and it appears so do many others!


  1. Yay! That's great Kate! And the numbers are impressive. Gosh I had no idea it would be THAT big (5000 already this month????) Big congrats to you girl, for starting this great thing :)

  2. I didn't either, Sigrid, and I'm really delighted to know there are that many others that find art and nature such a great combination! By the end of the day yesterday, it was 5,247 this month.

    I'm so glad I was inspired by Urban Sketchers to try something similar, and I've grateful for all of Gabi Campanario's help.

  3. Wow. Time flies doesn't it? I'm so pleased that others find this site as interesting as I do. It generates a fuzzy arty feeling :)

  4. I'm pleased, too! I knew I would be interested, but I'm just so happy others are too...


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