Sunday, July 26, 2009

We Went Fishing.....

DH and I went fishing off the pier again and he was nice enough to catch two fish for me to sketch and study.

The one above is a catfish which we always give to his friend cuz I don't like them. His friend is from St. Louis and thinks they are the greatest fish in the world. I think they are terrible tasting but that's just me.

It was a great fish to do a study on.

Right beneath the fish is the view as we see it going across the lake. It was partly cloudy and warm.

I did all these sketches with a ball point pen. Any mistakes remain where they are and it is very freeing to do a sketch this way

The next fish was a bass. This one goes from the bucket to the cleaning table and then to the frying pan. I do have my likes and dislikes.

A fun evening.

Please excuse any weird looking format here because this is more narrow than I am used to and when it publishes, it gets all out of format.


  1. Somehow, when I go fishing with my DH, he thinks I ought to fish, not draw. Lucky you.

    Wild catfish mostly taste like what they eat - mud. Now my words, my grandmother's. However, farmed catfish could pass for flounder - it's mild and not very fishy at all. Try it sometime.

  2. I like it good job.
    take a kid fishing by larry Etchison


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