Sunday, July 12, 2009


Today I took some cuttings from some wattle trees that have just begun to flower. The trees and bushes were planted by my local Landcare group within the last two years and have grown so much.
I was going to stay and sketch them en plein air, but it was a wet cold day, so I spent the afternoon at home instead.
We have planted a large variety of seedlings and small plants that are indigenous to the local area and it is always a surprise to me as to what we have planted and what it looks like in flower. It is winter in Australia at the moment and there are few flowering plants such as banksia. acacia (wattle) and others that I don'know the names of.

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  1. How cheery for a winter's day! I didn't know acacias were also called wattles, and that naturally led to a Google search which led into...time elapsing. I also learned that there is a Wattle Day in Australia, how wonderful!


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