Friday, July 31, 2009

Waterlily - Duke Gardens

Waterlily - Duke Gardens
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Daily Practice
Plein Air

Being surrounded by so much beauty at Duke Gardens, a friend to chat with who shares the same interests, a glorious day, and the blessing of time, can often be more overwhelming in simple pleasure ... making painting a bit more difficult! Still, I attempted the incredible water lilies in the pond we sat by, the bullfrogs making us laugh with their deep and surprising croaks. The sun was hot, and though in my mind I imagined painting this 'loose' and wet and splashy -- dang, it didn't happen. I got tight, too dark with shadows, too stiff -- but while the painting result suffered, I had a truly wonderful and most incredibly relaxing day and I do like the colors! LOL

Great company, a good lunch, terrific sharing, and even rain at home -- some days, one just has to make a few sacrifices ... LOLOL!!

Today it's back to chores, errands, and perhaps attempting that lily again. The rain has finally reached the soil, and though we need a lot more -- for now, it's good to know the plants have finally gotten their thirst quenched ...

Have a great day!

Lin Frye
North Carolina

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