Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sundown over the Sea Oats

Sundown over the Sea Oats
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Daily Practice

My workday ended very late last evening and so I arrived at the B&B pretty tired. I splashed around a bit of paint with unsuccessful results, and hoped that today was much shorter.

This was sketched from a photo reference over the weekend, and to me represents all that I love about the beach ... beautiful wide open skies, the dancing of sea oats, the sandy dunes.... Though I didn't paint them in, a few sea gull would be nice as I 'hear' them whenever I think of the ocean. And oh, can I smell that salt air!

At my own home, 200 miles from the beach, I've grown RIVER oats - similiar in form and structure but a different species. River oats are found in the natural areas around fresh water - such as creeks, streams and rivers. Their seed heads aren't as full as sea oats, but like the sea oats, both hold down the soil and help with erosion. My river oats tend to be a bit 'weedy' in that they propagate freely around the garden and the birds seem to enjoy the seeds ... that is, when the cats arent' chasing them!

Our rain has stopped and we're expecting hot temperatures again. The weeds are having their way again - encouraged by the rain and the humidity ... sigh. Sure makes me wonder WHY we just don't ENJOY them instead of trying to control the nuisances! LOL (Don't let my green industry members hear me even THINK that! LOL)

Have a great day!

Lin Frye

North Carolina


  1. Lin, I can't even begin to tell you how gorgeous I think this is!

  2. Beautiful painting!

    Life has gotten in the way of controlling weeds, and many other things, this summer. Our weeds are really enjoying themselves. :)

  3. What an inspired piece, Lin! Just beautiful!


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