Friday, July 24, 2009

Rebecca's Hydrangeas

Rebecca's Hydrangeas
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Daily Practice

When I arrived at the B&B this week and before Rebecca left for the beach, she left me a bouquet of her summer hydrangea -- a wonderful treat both to the eye and inspiration! I painted these before the flowers faded - and will create a card from them to thank her. This scan, unfortunately, did not pick up the subtle shadings of blue and yellow behind the flowers - even though I scanned it several times ... but it's there.

Rebecca's garden is truly a wonder. She composts everything ---from toilet paper rolls to coffee filters and grounds .. and her garden responds to that tender care with ample flowers and vegetables. Her hydrangeas range from pinks to blues to some purples -- owing to the pH in her soil and the effects of wood ashes or more acidic coffee grounds .... I do love the variations!

My sweetie brought home cantaloupes last night, so I've a date with the jam-making equipment and dehydrator! The tomatoes have also begun ripening in earnest, and so between watering today (little rain this here week, sigh) and working in the kitchen, I'm hoping for a bit of time to paint.

Temps are reaching into the 90s today and I"ll be adding to that with all the cooking.

Have a sweet day!

Lin Frye
North Carolina


  1. This is lovely - so softly rendered. It will make a great card :)

  2. Lin this is absolutely breath taking. WOWZA! award goes to you my friend..God bless.


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