Sunday, July 5, 2009


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Daily Practice

I hope everyone had a grand 4th yesterday! Ours was filled with chores - we put in a walkway, put up 2 batches of peach jam, made patty pan lasagna from our harvest of squash, picked some blueberries, etc. etc. A good day, but both of us are mighty tired and sore today!

I got this sketch done in between things, but I want to give it another go trying to use some of the things I've been studying and trying to loosen us some of the washes. I got carried away with trying to get the skins on the peaches to 'look' like fuzzy skin - and I missed getting the juiciness of the cut fruit ... oh well, try again today! I've another 1/4 bushel to render before the day ends ...! LOL

I'll be drying some of this peach harvest. I like drying my own fruit since I use no sulfur preservative and simply slice, place in a dehydrator for 12 hours, then place in my freezer for storage. I like to get the dried fruit somewhat 'crunchier' than one finds in the stores - and then use the dried fruit in my cereal or even our green salads. I've rehydrated some of the fruits to make pies as well. It's a super way to preserve the bounty, and it keeps that bright orange color and deep rich flavor!

Hope you have a 'peachy' day today! We're hoping for some of those 'spotty' showers to find their way to our garden today ....!

Lin Frye
North Carolina


  1. Timely post. My husband just brought in a few of our own homegrown peaches this morning and I was thinking of painting one as well. Maybe later this week. I'm also considering drying some as you suggested. Seems that you've been reading my mind!

  2. Well, I hope you're resting today after your busy day Saturday!

    You definitely caught their fuzzy peach skins, they look quite inviting.


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