Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Redcurrant ~ Ribes rubrum ~ Aalbes

I have a lot of currants (Ribes rubrum) in my garden right now. And I finally got to draw them this year. Previous years the Blackbirds where faster than me and ate my subject. Well, not the white ones but they really enjoy to hang around the red berries.
I'm still working hard on my Hydrangea drawing so this was a nice interlude. I made the white ones first, as a birthday present for a good friend of mine. It was made in one afternoon and it felt very good doing this. I decided to also draw the red ones. More difficult but less beautiful. Not only my drawing but also the real thing. The white berries are more transparent and therefor much more interesting. And drawing something transparent and white is a big challenge. But I think I did okay...

Whitecurrants ~ Ribes rubrum ~ Witte Aalbes


  1. Amazing how, with all the animal guerrilla action at Longears, I never have a problem harvesting my red currants! Your portrait is stunning!

  2. 似乎是葡萄干中。贝利。


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