Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Baby Cardinal

I found this baby cardinal sitting on my wicker chair under a tree where he apparently fell out of the nest. He looks too young to be alone; eyes barely open and not enough feathers.
Father cardinal was flitting around and sqawking to keep me away but I did manage some photos and this quick sketch.
We looked at the nest and it looks very disturbed so maybe some predator got in there.
An hour later the father was still sqawking but over by the pine trees so I think the baby was under there.
The next day all was quiet so I hope baby made it.
Interestingly the baby's coloring was dark with just a hint of red.


  1. Teri, so glad you got to do a quick sketch of this little guy--I hope he made it, too. I haven't gotten to sketch any baby birds this year, but I've heard anxious parents! (If you add your name to the tags or labels on your post, people will be able to find you! Do put a comma between each item, though, that makes it so people can find all the moleskine sketches, for instance.)

  2. Thanks Kate and thanks for info too on the ins and outs here.

  3. You're welcome, Teri! I went ahead and edited this one, but it's easy to do yourself...

  4. Gee, I hope he made it too. It's hard to reconcile the cycle of life with our desire for happy endings, but I always root for the happy endings! Great sketch.

  5. It is amazing how the parents 'talk' to the nestlings that fall out of the nest. It seems the urgency of their calls gives the clue that they are safe or not safe. And finding shelter and hiding is key to survival. Love the spontaniety of your sketch and the thought of him falling into the wicker chair instead of all the way to the ground.

  6. Love the quick sketch. Baby birds just look so goofy don't they?

  7. Update on the baby. I have not seen ANY cardinals since this happened. Not a good sign.


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