Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Spello Wall

Spello Wall
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Travel Journal
Spello, Italy

I didn't need too much encouragement (LOL) to give this colorful wall we saw in Spello a try. I think my perspective is a bit off ... but I am pleased with keeping things light and getting close to the wonderful blue of the lobelia baskets. I just LOVE flowers against stones!

It's raining again, and we've already experienced flooded roads, woodlands, and don't even mention the weeds -- they think they've reached Nirvana! GEEZ ...

Most of the plants in the garden are LOVING all this rain; but some, like my basil, are having one heck of a time, and I've already lost a number of them.

It's been cool as well - in the low 70s, which for North Carolina, is cool this time of year. Our temperatures will rise to the high 90s in two days -- what a see-saw!!!

Lin Frye
North Carolina


  1. Hi Lin, I just saw Cathy's article and had to come and look. All kinds of names I recognize! Great idea. Everything looks great.

  2. Another lovely painting from Italy. I just love finding your images as you post them. It really makes me want to travel! Thanks so much for sharing.


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