Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pulling apart some flowers

Hi Everyone – been quite a while since I have blogged here – life has been crazy, plus here in Australia we are in winter – so the opportunities of getting out to do some nature sketching has been pretty rare.

However this week, I have had a heap of fun pulling apart two flowers in my garden and trying to understand their parts and structure. I am an architect with no idea of the parts of flowers (I do vaguely remember learning something at school) so these pages have been done more as architectural explorations rather than a true botanical analysis.

WCP4 Shrimp Pull Apart

There was not that much to choose from in our garden... but the two that I have are indeed complex structures! My usual techniques for analyzing objects (plan, elevation, section etc) don't always work on complex curvy organic structures and I ended up actually pulling one of my specimens to pieces before I could understand it all.

Also, please note that as I am left handed I often work from the right to the left across the spread and add the heading last - this is the way to read my explorations in the above pages.


  1. Very interesting to hear about your adventure with these plants. Very nice pages too!

  2. Liz, these were just fascinating! I'm so glad you is like formal botanical art in one way, the showing of inner details that helps us to understand what's really going on, but with your special architectural "spice"! Love it...


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