Monday, June 29, 2009

Pinheiro do Paraná

Pinheiro do Paraná (Árvore símbolo de meu estado o Paraná) . Realizei este trabalho na chácara de amigos nossos ,ao fundo está a montanha chamada " Morro do Anhangava " muito retratada por grandes pintores de meu estado .Este tipo de pinheiro é típico da região centro sul de meu país o Brasil.


  1. Wow - those pines are so unusual and beautiful, and your painting is wonderful!

    Wow - os pinheiros são tão incomuns e bonitas, e sua pintura é maravilhosa!
    (I hope this is right...)

  2. Renê! I love the trees, and agree with Elizabeth--I think! ;-) For certain the maravilhosa part...

  3. Beautiful work and gorgeous scenery.

  4. Translating ...

    "Paraná Pine Tree (* also called araucária)

    Paraná Pine Tree (this tree is the symbol of the State of Paraná). I did this work in a small ranch owned by some friends, in the background you can see the mountain named "Morro do Anhangava" which is very well documented by painters of my State. This kind of pine tree is very common in the southeast area of Brazil."

    * translator's note

    These trees are gorgeous, aren't they? It's a pity they are in critical risk of extinction. Can you believe? I visited the south of Brazil about 2 years ago and I was very shocked to know that those beautiful araucárias / pine trees we see nowadays are remainders of a vegetation that was destroyed in the past generations for the commercial exploitation and the human ignorance about nature. We only have now a tiny tiny tiny amount of the original pine tree vegetation. You can search for more on google using the term "araucaria angustifolia". It's very interesting. I hope we can save this specimen, it would be very sad and tragic to see it silently going to the patch of extinction just because there are still some idiots that explore its wood illegally. It's a crime against the humanity after all.


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