Friday, June 12, 2009

Grapevines and Hay En Route to Venice

Travel Journal
En Route to Venice, Italy

I loved the traveling we did through such varied countryside during the trip. I found a setting on my camera that would capture fairly decent photos from the van window, and so each day I took several shots of the landscape we passed.

When we were heading to Venice, we moved through such varied scenery - wheat fields, olive groves, deep, rich woodlands and mountains, ravines, to more of the farming country that so closely resembled my own. Here, amid the backdrop of hazy mountains, hay bales and grapevines ...! I had to take a photo just to document this 'home' scene! And the funny thing -- when I got back to North Carolina and we were driving past the fields -- here too - hay -- rolled into bales and sitting, like these, in the field.

We lacked (and missed!), of course, those wonderful mountains ... sigh!

Lin Frye
North Carolina


  1. What a lovely painting. I've been enjoying fields of hay bales out here in California lately -- but I just can't seem to have my camera with me at the right time to snap a shot for later painting.... Thanks for sharing your successful venture.


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