Thursday, June 4, 2009

Doorway San Gemini

Doorway San Gemini
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Travel Journal
San Gemini Doorway

I am now working on some of the over 3,000 photos (I know! I know!! LOL) I brought home with me. This doorway, from one of the many in San Gemini, was sketched and painted this week. I am trying to use the remaining pages of my travel sketchbook with images from the trip, and so I'll be continuing to finish those pieces I still have to do while adding new ones.

It is more than apparent that I LOVE doorways, stones, arches and windows, especially since many, many, MANY of my photos contain these elements. What I loved about this one was the juxtaposition of soft flowers, angles, rocks and arches ... which gave me a chance to continue practicing perspective. The door is rather modern... but those stones are ancient ... and this bringing of old and new together really excites me as well!


  1. I love your doorways, too! Those steps add a new dimension, and the soft foliage has your trademark touches!


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