Saturday, June 6, 2009

Civita Window

Civita Window
Originally uploaded by linfrye
Travel Sketchbook
Sketched and Painted in Studio

After all that climbing around Civita, we returned to La Romita for a much needed nap! LOL

After restoring myself with sleep and feet propped, I worked on this painting in my travel journal. I have to admit that it was one of the ones I was most pleased with during this trip.

I find so much stimulation difficult to synthesize immediate in order to get down to the business of painting. I am transported to dreamland as images, sounds, feelings, scents, ideas play over and over in my mind. Knowing that this was the last hill town of the tip, I wanted to savor each and every moment of the experience ... but gratefully, later that day, I could settle down to paint.

Does this happen to anyone else?


  1. You bet it happens, Lin. It makes it hard for me to do much else except enjoy a lather of impressions flooding through me-- so much, that I sometimes feel a nap coming on. But you captured it, later, and beautifully.

  2. Thanks so much, Annie! I can tell you truthfully, all the time I was away TRYING to paint, I felt like I was back at day one .... lack of confidence, incorect lines and paints .. so very frustrating, especially when you WANTED to capture the moment! LOL

  3. SO glad you got to paint this, Lin, it is very appealing indeed. I can feel the texture of those rocks! (And I had to start my painting twice yesterday, just couldn't get the lines right...)

  4. Yes, sometimes it gets so hard to paint some places because you want it to be so exactly perfect to reflect how you are feeling and seeing.
    This vignette is truly perfect.


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