Saturday, June 20, 2009


Cherry ~ Kers

This morning I saw a beautiful painting of some cherries a contact of mine (nas740) made in watercolour. This afternoon I had a bowl of cherries on my drawing table and thought I'd give it a go. Here is just one. But it was fun to do because the great dark deep colours and when the drawing was finished it was tasty too :))


  1. Yummy .. very nice .. reminds me that I have some in the frig .. excuse me!

  2. Nas740 is an amazing artist! Your colored pencil drawing is gorgeous!

  3. Just gorgeous, Sigrid, and thank you! You reminded me I have bing cherries in the fridge, too! For once, when I'm made hungry by some wonderful piece of art, I can go indulge myself...

  4. I can't believe that's coloured pencil. Amazing! You got that fleshy glow just right.


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