Thursday, June 4, 2009

Books We Like!

I've added a new link to our sidebar--"Books We Like!"

These are some of my personal favorites on nature journaling and sketching as well as those recommended to me by (or written by!) good friends. Click on the book in the sidebar at left and you'll see a lot of books and brief reviews...and if YOU have a favorite you don't see there, please let me know and I'll check it out! (I don't put anything on the "bookshelf" that I haven't personally reviewed and LIKE.)

The book above is one of my own must-have books, A Trail Through Leaves, by my old friend Hannah Hinchman--but ANY of Hannah's books are a must have, for me. Her A Life in Hand; Creating an Illuminated Journal was what inspired me to stop keeping 14 different journals and sketchpads and integrate my work and life...

You'll find one by one of our correspondents, Irene Brady, too, Illustrating Nature--it's a winner! (I LOVE that cover, Irene...)

I'm always looking for more books to inspire again, if you have a favorite in this genre, please let me know!


  1. ME TOO, Heidi, isn't it just glorious??

  2. John Busby's Drawing Birds is a staple of the genre (and full of some phenomenal field work by a variety of well-known artists, too).

  3. It's on page 2, Jo! I didn't think I could have missed it...wonderful book!


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