Monday, June 1, 2009

Anacapa Island

Anacapa Island was the last stop on my Channel Island trip. It is the smallest island in the group and was covered with gulls. In May they are nesting. They were everywhere. Western Gulls are not shy and not really afraid of people. Anacapa is one of the most visited islands and many of the gulls nest right beside the trail. Some of them yell at you when you walk by but it is very easy to see the speckled eggs and the very cute speckled chicks.

Before heading home I stopped at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History. One of my favorite museums.


  1. Great drawings and post- The channel islands are fantastic. Were you camping, on a day tour? My wife and I have thought about camping but have never done it.

  2. Great stuff Gay! I've been there more than once and you captured the essence. Frank

  3. David, I teach a 3-day workshop every year aboard the Vision, a dive boat out of Santa Barbara. We sleep and eat on the boat and visit as many islands as we can, weather permiting. It is always a great trip but this year the weather really cooperated. You can check out next year's trip here.
    and you can see some photos and other journal pages here.

    Thanks Frank, The islands are wonderful.

  4. Gay, I am always happy to see one of your post. They are always a treat. I've decided I want to be gifted in art like you when I grow up.

    P.S. I mean it!

  5. I love this, Gay, I feel as if we are right there with you! Gorgeous pages, beautifully designed.

  6. Fabulous work. You really bring these images to life!

  7. You have a wonderful talent of presenting unique and fascinating images and information! Your style is both illustrative and graphic and very appealing.


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