Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Strada del Caslino, Tuscany, Italy, Google Maps

Daily Practice
Google Maps
Tuscany, Italy

Okay, okay, I'll admit it -- I'm hooked on this virtual travel and I'm getting a bit more nervous and excited about the trip tomorrow.

I've repacked 4 times -- LOL - deciding that carrying art supplies certainly is far heavier than carrying clothing!

I've been practicing a bit more of architectual subjects since I still struggle with these - but my love of flora and landscape still shows in the images I tend to choose. Still, the virtual travel on a cool, rainy day was so close to 'time travel' that it made the sun come out inside the house!

It's supposed to be far warmer today and I'll have lunch with my son before my trip. Schools will be closing soon for the summer break, and our college students will have only 10 days between spring and summer sessions. When I return to work, courses will be in full gear as will planning for the 2009-2010 fiscal year. Is it me or does it seem this year is flying by?

I do plan to 'smell the roses' today ... hope you can too!

Lin Frye
North Carolina


  1. I feel excited right along with you. What a fun way to prepare for a trip. You will feel so intimately connected when you get there. Lovely sketch!

  2. I love these preparatory sketches, Miss Lin!

    And YES art supplies are heavier! Last trip I took I actually weighed my various palettes and WC pencil kits to make sure I was taking the lightest that would still do the job for me! *G*

  3. I'm going to enjoy your trip vicariously, too! That's too funny that Kate actually weighed her art supplies - it's something I would probably do too! : ) I guess we could always paint in our birthday suits to allow for more supplies...a new meaning for plein air painting?

  4. LOL Thanks so much everyone! And mercy, Elizabeth, I'd freeze ... I'm only worried about taking enough clothes to keep this ol body warm!!! LOL


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