Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sketchcrawl Wildflowers

Galium, in progress

Seems as if several of us artists in the Midwest have sketched sticky, insistent Galium/bedstraw/cleavers recently!

Here's Jeanette's:

I did this quick ink sketch on our recent sketchcrawl...

Galium, ink and watercolor

....and added color on the spot, since I already had greens mixed up for my previous sketch. These crazy things stick to your clothes, your shoes, your pets, and anything else they come in contact with.

I believe they were once dried and used to stuff mattress ticks (a thick cloth bag, not the critter that gives you Lyme disease), hence one of their common names, bedstraw.


  1. Geeze, I feel left out! I shall go forth to find some Galium!

  2. You have those too,,,They're very healthy in Wash. State and we carefully pull them out of our garden otherwise those little berries pop like popcorn onto the ground,!!!!

  3. Definitely wouldn't want them in my garden, Lois! But this was out in the park...didn't know the berries popped, though!


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