Sunday, May 24, 2009

Naturalized flowers and weeds

naturalized coreopsis

The yard down the street is neglected now that the house stands empty. Once there were flower beds lovingly tended by an elderly man; now some of the flowers have escaped to naturalize in the yard. The yellow one is coreopsis; I'm not sure what the purple one is.

goats beard

Before church, this weed caught my eye. Very sassy-looking at the edge of the parking lot. I did a very quick sketch of it, knowing my husband was going to mow the area after church. A Kansas field guide calls it Goat's Beard.


  1. Vicky, it's lovely to see these naturalized flowers! The yard must be very interesting. I will be looking for goat's beard around here, I don't think it's quite in bloom yet.

  2. What intimate flower portraits, and the wistful story behind them. As a child, I have a vivid memory of stumbling across the remnants of an old farmhouse with escaped garden plants. How magical it was to see blooming daffodils and iris growing out into little open spots in the woods!

  3. Really great sketches. I love the brown ink with the yellow. Perhaps the purple flowers are "Bowles Mauve" Erysimum? The four petal blossom is reminding me of that and the shape of the leaves.


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