Friday, May 1, 2009


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Daily Practice

Got home at dark last night --- a long day, an even longer week. After unpacking and working on a few chores, I didn't have much time to devote to a painting, so I sketched a couple of nasturtium .... blooming now around the Arboretum gardens.

At the Earthfest this week, we had some of these perky flowers planted within a pot of red-leaf lettuce -- apparently the pot was a show-stopper, and we had folks asking about 'edible flowers.' A few of them were adventurous enough to taste a bit of leaf ...and were shocked at how 'peppery' they were. We sold a few more of our plant sale remains after these small demonstrations ... and that was good news too!

Today is catch-up day for me for those home chores and visits to banks, post office and the like. We've rain in the forecast, and we certainly need it. The vegetables I planted last week still look fresh, but the soil in the beds is mighty dusty as are our roads and waysides. Rain would certainly be welcome, too, to knock down the remaining bits of pollen.

Take care today!

Lin Frye
North Carolina

PS I must apologize for my lack of comments on this blog .... for some reason I still cannot figure out, the button that one hits to 'send or post comment' simply won't work for me ... the box for 'post as google or something else, is narrowed and empty, so I imagine it's some kind of setting I haven't found that needs fixing .... so please know my fellow correspondents that I read and admire your incredible work and words ..... and I hope to get this 'button' thing resolved eventually .... Lin


  1. Lin - The veins on the leaves have turned out well in this painting. I did not know that these flowers are edible too.

  2. Lovely job, Miss Lin, I love nasturtiums both to look at and to nibble! They're SO cheerful...

    And sorry you're still having problems commenting! I can't imagine why, I've looked at everything on this end...weird...

  3. What a beautiful page of nasturtiums. I've admired them for some time, but I have yet to get some for my yard - perhaps I will this year. I really enjoyed seeing your painting. I love how you've captured the color variations.

  4. Gorgeous colors indeed, especially the blue-greens in that top leaf!

  5. Yes. Definitely to nibble! I agree Kate.
    Lovely colours Lin.


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