Monday, May 4, 2009

Hens 'N' Chicks Rock the Rockery

They may not be showy with crazy big blooms like daffodils or sunflowers or lilies, but I think everyone adores the sempervivum family with their spiky leaves and their subtle range of blues, greens, silvers and burgundies. Am I right? Give it up people! Whoot!


  1. You are so right!! whoot! Lovely art like this just makes me jealous and the commentary on the subject matter shows how much I still have to learn about nature. Thanks for educating folk like me.

  2. I agree with you about the Hen and Chicks. They are so cute, and they don't need much water to be happy.

  3. Lovely. The last time I went to the plant store I admired them all!

  4. Yes, they are adorable and far more varied than most people know. I lost both kinds 2 winters ago - I think it was poor drainage...must start anew!

  5. I LOVE Hen & Chicks --- have several pots of them. Did you know that you can pluck a leaf and squeeze the juice on mosquito bites? Takes the itch and swelling right away!

  6. Thanks Kate!
    Ricky, what are you talking're the King of Nature my friend.
    Gay, I agree. They aren't low maintenance, they are NO maintenance!
    Vickie, I hear you. I just picked up another one :)
    Mistress of Longears, yeah, my friend just lost a bunch of hers in her pot. We think the drainage holes got plugged and it turned into a frozen soil sludge in the pot.
    Vickylw, that's so interesting. My husband really gets attacked by mosquitoes (yep, one of those unfortunate people) so I will give that a try at the next opportunity.


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