Sunday, May 10, 2009


Daily Practice
Plein Air

Happy Mother's Day to all Moms -- moms of children, moms of animals, moms who are caretakers, teachers, moms who are those, male and female, find themselves or who choose to be in the role of 'Mom' -- today in North America -- we honor you for the work you do, the ever important role you play in the lives of those you touch and care for .... may your day be filled with every blessing and love!

Larkspur, also known as Delphinium, according to the Teleflore website: Derived from the Greek word "delphis," meaning dolphin, delphinium are also commonly known as larkspur. Other names include Lark's Heel, Lark's Claw and Knight's Spur. Used by Native Americans and European settlers to make blue dye, it's believed that the most ancient use of delphinium flowers was for driving away scorpions.

The July birth flower, these lush, dolphin-shaped flowers symbolize an open heart and ardent attachment and convey a feeling of lightness and levity.

We planted two of these flower clusters several weeks ago, and this weekend, I sat beside them as they opened to paint their delicate pinky/lavender. They danced in the gentle breezes and gave full meaning to 'lightness!'

I hope your day, MOMS, is filled with love and lightness and the joy of levity!

Lin Frye
North Carolina


  1. I accept all the above and thank you SINCE I consider myself Dad and MOM to my Jack Russell doggy. hahaha.. Yea I know I'm crazy but how else can a guy get in on all these compliments and well wishing? Happy Mothers Day to all Of YOU.

  2. Thank you, Miss Lin! I'm Godmom to 6 and listmom to lots more. *G* The larkspur is gorgeous--one of my favorite flowers!


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