Friday, May 29, 2009

Google Maps Practice Sketch at Airport

I'm home!!!

Italy was fabulous and I'll be adding those 'nature' images as appropriate ... I have some photos on my blog if you're interested: or

As I was scanning some of my journal pages I found this one and thought I'd post it before I begin posting those from the trip.

I found this site using Google Maps (I can't recall at the moment where in Italy it was, but it was from the street scene view along the coast of Northern Italy. I sketched it while waiting to leave for Italy, and painted it at RDU while waiting for my plane ... so it could be said I was practicing for the trip! LOL

Right now, it's 10 pm Italy time, 4:00 EDT .. and my poor body isn't sure whether it should sleep or eat ... ! I think a nap is in order.

Funny thing, too. I ran a few errands and the elderberries now in blossom here were also in blossom in Tuscany. I LOVED seeing all the plants in Tuscany that we have here in North Carolina!

Floral connections for sure!

Lin Frye
North Carolina (and wishing it could still be Italy!!!)


  1. Welcome home, Miss Lin! You've been missed.

  2. Oh, what a delight to find this beautiful page. It makes me want to get up and start packing right away..... but it isn't in the cards at the moment. In any case it is delightful to see what you've done and I'm anxiously awaiting the images from your trip.

  3. Welcome back Lyn - yes, we have missed you and I just CAN'T WAIT to see your sketches from Italy... oh! how I love Italy and I am sure that it will be a real treat to see it through your wonderful sketches.

  4. Hi Lin, I just got back from Italy and Paris too, maybe we crossed pathes!

  5. Thank you all!! And Desiree -- you've painted so much more than I have .. how on earth did you do it? I was so distracted!!

  6. Oh, your home, your home, you were missed.

  7. Welcome back!!! We have missed your smiling face...

  8. Hi Lin, I was wondering the other day when you were coming home. Nice to see you back!


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