Saturday, May 9, 2009

Colorado Waterfall

Hey Friends,
I was going through some pictures and thought you might like this one. This was painted in Colorado about 10,000 ft. level. Summer before I came down ill. Going there is always a joy and I can't wait to be strong enough to hike up in there again. Of course it was beautiful but you know me ..... I became one with the site and then painted with whatever artistic license was called for to express it. I think every state has it's own special topography and it is all beautiful....maybe just different. Watercolor, plein air, 15"X 22". Finished some in studio due to drying at that altitude. Enjoy


  1. Ricky! This is absolutely breathtaking! those colors, the splash, the rocks -- absolutely WOWOWOWZA!

  2. Ricky - The colors are fantastic. The water looks cool and gurgling. The rocks are superb.

  3. Wow - this is a glorious vision! Great capture of light, too.


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