Saturday, May 23, 2009

California's Channel Islands

The Channel Islands off California's coast are called California's Galapagos Islands. There are species there that have evolved differently than the ones on the mainland and found nowhere else on the planet. Every year I teach a 3 day workshop aboard the boat the Vision. I wait all year for the trip and the three days fly by. This year we got to the western most island San Miguel. Only about 200 people a year are able to get there because of the weather. There is no pier for a boat landing so the crew runs the zodiac right up on the beach. This trip there were no waves and no wind, so we were able to spend the whole day on the island. Not only did we get great weather allowing us to visit most of the islands, the crew took very good care of us and fed us with freshly caught seafood. The only problem is now I have wait a whole year for the next trip. You can see more about the trip here.


  1. What an awesome way to learn and practice art. Your sketchbook painting is beautiful. I've taken a boat to Anacapa but the wind and waves prevented us from going to the island.

  2. Wow - now that's the way to teach (or take) a workshop! I love the depths of that beautiful blue ocean...enchanting pages.

  3. How lovely, Gay! Thank you for posting here...and what a WONDERFUL place for a workshop.


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