Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rebecca's Columbine

Rebecca's Columbine
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Daily Practice

After a day hauling planters, pots, flats, soil, walking at least 6 miles back and forth in the greenhouse rearranging plants, these bony ol' arms and legs got to the B&B just about dark -- in time to collapse!! lol

I didn't have much time to sketch, nor much energy, so Rebecca allowed me to pick a few columbine to use for my daily practice.

Today, we'll be continuing work in the greenhouse, designing a vegetable bed for display, making signs and the like. I'll be scarce.

It's raining, but warm, but Saturday promises to be glorious! Fingers crossed!


  1. do tell more about the veggie bed...

  2. Lin, I love your columbine...can't believe you still managed that after such a day!

  3. For not having much time, you did a marvelous job!


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